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Hot Gear: Drop Dead Decoys to Lure Turkeys

Turkey decoys are only as good as those features that make them the most lifelike. Here are three top-shelf models sure to provoke a little tomfoolery.

By Scott Bestul

Avian X Laydown Hen

Avian-X Laydown Hen
Well known for the LCD (lifelike collapsible decoy) line of turkey dekes, Avian-X recently introduced a hen decoy in the breeding position. Designed to fool gobblers into thinking they’ve got a fully receptive hen in front of them, the Laydown Hen can also mimic a dusting bird and serve as the ultimate confidence decoy.

Primos Gobstopper Combo

Primos Gobstopper Decoy Combo
Always a leader in the production of turkey killing gear, Primos’ new “Gobstopper” decoy combo offers a pair of realistic decoys at a very affordable price. The jake/hen combo is lightweight, quiet and easily packable for use in a variety of setups throughout the breeding season.

Spur Collector Decoys Turkey on a Stick

Spur Collector Decoys Turkey on a Stick
Among the many innovative decoys in the Spur Collector lineup is the “Turkey on a Stick,” which adds a cool twist to the fanning craze sweeping modern turkey hunting. In addition to a broad, spreading tail fan, this deke sports a ultra-realistic head for an even greater likelihood of punching a gobbler’s dominance button.

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