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From the Experts

Recipe: Fantastic Wild Turkey Fajitas

If you’re feeling in a festive mood, nothing will enhance the occasion like everyone’s favorite Mexican treat — fajitas! And they’re so quick and simple to make. Read

When Did We Start Keeping Records for Turkeys?

When did hunters start keeping records for the turkeys they killed, specifically with the measurements of the beard and spurs? Read

Great Gear: Mossberg’s Top Turkey Takers

Mossberg’s lineup of special-purpose turkey shotguns answers the age-old question: Should I carry a semiauto or a pump-action shotgun into the turkey woods? The good news is that there really is no right answer. Read

Recent Articles

Recipe: Turkey in Parchment with Cherry Tomatoes and Tarragon

Tired of the same old, same old turkey recipes? Try this classic: Turkey in Parchment with Cherry Tomatoes and Tarragon. It’s guaranteed to be a big hit at your next dinner party or wild game feed.. Read

Turkey Hunting Buddies Only Add to the Enjoyment

A good friend once told me that while hunting is not a spectator sport, adding a best buddy to the mix can boost enjoyment and add efficiency to the experience. Read

What are Some Good Decoy Deployment Tactics?

Turkey decoys provide the eye candy that mature gobblers find hard to resist. They add realism to any good setup and close the information gap for toms that are coming to the call. They heard a hen — and now they see one. Read

Recipe: Award-winning Turkey Chili

It’s everyone’s favorite comfort food — chili! So why not turn some of your prized wild turkey meat into a warm and delicious meal for your friends and family? See if this recipe doesn’t put a smile on their faces. Read