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From the Experts

How to Increase Your Success | Turkey Addict Part 5

Tom from Browning Trail Cameras shares his tips on how to increase your success while turkey hunting in this Turkey Addict. Read

How To Hunt Hung-Up Gobblers

Hung-up gobblers are incredibly frustrating. Here’s how one veteran hunter breaks them loose. Or not. Read

Federal Premium Custom Shop Rob Roberts Turkey Ammo

There’s no such thing as a shotgun approach with Federal Custom Shop, a state-of-the-art reloading workshop focused on the utmost attention to detail, quality and care for each hand-loaded round produced. Read

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Tom from Browning Trail Cameras has TWO favorite turkey calls. See his go-to calls and how he uses them in this Turkey Addict. Read

Tinsae Takes Down a Big Turkey!

We interrupt your newsfeed to bring you this awesome turkey hunt with 13-year-old Tinsae Rucks here in Wisconsin! Read

Determine Decoys | Turkey Addict Part 3

Should you use one hen decoy or multiple? What about a jake? Determining which turkey decoys to use depends on where they are in the cycle. Read

Preseason Prep | Turkey Addict Part 2

Tom from Browning Trail Cameras shares the steps he takes to prepare for a successful turkey takedown. Read