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From the Experts

Recipe: Tasty Wild Turkey Soup

What could be better than a steaming hot bowl of America’s No. 1 comfort food — soup? So why not put those turkey legs from the tom turkey you harvested this past fall to use with this tasty recipe from the field-to-table book, “Hunting for Food?” Read

How Can I Keep My Turkey Calls in Good Working Order

Keeping turkey calls in prime working order should be Rule No. 1 for all serious turkey hunters. Here are some tips for keeping them in tip top shape. Read

Hot Gear: FoxPro TurkeyPro E-Caller

If you want to make the realistic hen talk that tom turkeys can’t resist, you might want to go electric — with FoxPro’s TurkeyPro E-caller. The system controls up to three TurkeyPro units from one remote for directional advantage. Read

Recent Articles

Dial in Your Shotgun — For Those Close Shots!

Most turkey hunters pattern their shotguns for optimal patterns at 30 or 40 yards. But what about those chip shots, where your pattern is no bigger than a 50-cent piece? Read

Become a Traveling Turkey Hunter

Feed your turkey hunting addiction by traveling to multiple states where more tags and abundant public lands to roam await. The prospects are as boundless as your imagination and ambition. Read

Georgia Gets More Kids Involved in Outdoor Activities

A new bill has recently been introduced in the Georgia state legislature, aimed at introducing more people to hunting, fishing and the outdoors. Read

Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Ground Blinds

If you want to succeed when hunting turkeys from a ground blind this spring, consider these three sure-fire strategies for ambushing your next gobbler. Read