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Recipe of the Week: Wild Turkey Breast Steaks

Wild turkey breast steak. (Photo: GettyImages.com)

Wild Turkey Breast Steaks

Tim Gebers, NE


Wild turkey breast

Italian dressing


Trim all fat from turkey breast cut 1-inch wide steaks (across the grain) of the breast.

In a lidded plastic container place ‘steaks,’ cover with Italian dressing let marinate for 24 hours. A couple of times during the 24 hours give the container a shake just to make sure marinade is getting to all sides of the meat. Discard dressing after marinating.

Grill on medium-high heat, turning frequently to avoid burning (because of the dressing) cook to 160° F to 165°, can brush on more dressing last few minutes of grilling or use any barbecue sauce, if cooked correctly you’ll swear you are eating a lean pork chop.

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