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Watch 5 Turkey Videos from T&TH Reader

Forum member OptimO posted links to these five videos. T&TH embedded them here so you could watch them in one spot.

From OptimO:

Here’s some video of a flock of turkeys. There are about 6 toms, 12 jakes and 20 hens.

This video clip is of the same flock. It shows the gobblers going at it.

Here’s a clip of a 2 year old gobbler that my father and I called in
twice that morning. I apologize in advance for all the calling but I was trying to keep the hens fired up.

These next two clips are of my sister’s youth hunt. This gobbler came running in so fast that it almost caught us of guard. She must have been ready, because she made an outstanding shot on this turkey. I’ve never been more proud to call her my sister. It was an awesome morning that none of us will ever forget.

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