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Turkey Hunting Honeymoon

Source: knoxnews.comTalk about a whirlwind week for Bruce and Rene Thompson.

First you go to Jamaica, which is good. Then you get married, which
is even better. Then after you’ve spent the best part of the week at a
snazzy resort you … hop on a plane and get back to East Tennessee in
time for opening day of turkey season.

A lot of women would think they were in the Twilight Zone.

Rene Thompson thinks she’s in heaven.

After dating for roughly a year-and-a-half the couple, who live in
Louisville, decided to tie the knot when they figured out things didn’t
get much better. In 18 months, Rene and Bruce had been on a turkey
hunting trip (he got one, she just went along to watch), went deep sea
fishing (she caught a 6-foot-1 blacktip shark), deer hunted together
(this past season she killed two), went on her first hunt for shed
antlers (she found one) and finally decided to get married.

Throw in a mutual love of camping and four-wheeling and the couple figured they would always have something to do.

They got engaged. She booked the trip to Jamaica. He wondered how close it was to opening day of turkey season.

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