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Stray Shots

Posted by Jim Schlender, EditorThis blog entry marks the first of what I hope will be many more
dedicated to sharing the countless pictures that I don’t know what else
to do with. Here are two to kick off a collection of “stray shots.”

military camo.jpgThis one was making the e-mail rounds this morning. Ironically, I was
just looking for photos to go with Jim Spencer’s article in the Fall
2008 issue (due out mid-August), “The Principles of Camouflage.” No,
this one won’t be in the article, but it would certainly fit. If you don’t get it, you’re not looking closely enough. Thanks to Rick White from Hunter’s Specialties for forwarding.

gobbler dropping.JPGSpeaking of Rick White, a couple Aprils ago we were walking along the edge of a plowed field in Kentucky when I happened upon this um, impressive, sign. It’s a gobbler dropping, I know, but how big did this bird have to be? As I pulled out my Olympus point-and-shoot to snap this picture, it occurred to me that sometimes this job gets a little weird.


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