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Ramblings from a Spring in the Woods

After catching up on my sleep and reflecting on the Spring 2011 turkey season, I’ve formed a couple of observations.

First, northern cardinals seem to go with Eastern turkeys like ham goes with eggs. Their ranges are very similar, although cardinals also inhabit Osceola and Rio Grande country, and extend south into Mexico. Cardinals are almost always the first bird to sound off in the morning, acting as a precursor to roost gobbling. It wouldn’t be spring turkey hunting without hearing the redbirds sing at first light.

Second, have you noticed that turkey hunters are very superstitious? I am, at least. Every spring, I wear various camo hats until I kill a bird. That cap then becomes my lucky hat for the spring. Switching to another hat can be disastrous.

Also, you can carry as many shells as you want, provided it’s seven or four. Seven is the best. Four is OK. Six can go either way. That typically indicates you had seven but fired one at a gobbler. If you got the bird, having six shells is great. If not, it stinks.

I’m sure I’ll come up with more random thoughts during the off-season. Maybe I’ll share them, too. After all, fall hunting doesn’t open for another 107 days.

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