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MN DNR to Shoot 100 Turkeys

Reactions are mixed over a plan by the Minnesota DNR to kill 100 birds this winter across 18 north-central Minnesota counties. The turkeys are to be targeted for a DNR study that will analyze stomach and gizzard contents. The DNR plans to donate the meat.Commenting on the story, one reader was favorable to the plan, hoping the DNR would come to his house: “About 5 years ago it started with a dozen turkeys coming to the bird feeders then it was two dozen,” he wrote. “Last year it was 62 … they are fun to watch but a group that big sure eats a lot.”

But another reader had a different view. “Are these crazy guys planning another convention?” he wrote. “I agree this is cheaper — but if you guys want to eat turkey, buy a license like everyone else.”

What do you think about the MN DNR’s plan to shoot 100 turkeys?

Source: startribune.com

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