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Marking the Slow Shift in the Turkey Woods

Nothing says fall like the first hard frost of the year.

But does that really announce autumn? Maybe it simply wakes you up to the fact that the turkey woods are changing daily.

Gone are steamy September days when turkeys hammered grasshoppers in grassy fields. Those fields are mostly empty now, as many birds have shifted their feeding efforts to acorn-laden ridges or freshly cut grain fields.

Also gone is the lush foliage that crowded the timber just weeks earlier, replaced by decaying sumac along the edges and brilliant reds and yellows on the ridges.

And what about those little fuzzball poults you saw in summer? They’re almost full-sized turkeys now, as their bodies grow and prepare for the upcoming winter.

Winter. Now that’s a depressing thought. Can it really be far off? Of course, winter leads us to spring and the season for which we long.

Spring is a nice thought on cold days, for sure. However, I’m not there yet. No, I’d rather appreciate firsthand the daily changes occurring in the autumn turkey woods.

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