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In the Turkey Woods 2012: Check Out These Double Spurs!

Ohio gobbler

It's an ordinary bird except for matching sets of twin spurs.

Last week, our good friend Josh Grossenbacher shot a once-in-a-lifetime Ohio gobbler.

Josh, a champion caller and Zink Calls staffer, described the bird as “nothing special” — except for double spurs on both legs.

How unusual is that? “Two spurs on each leg are rare,” Lovett Williams, noted turkey biologist, wrote in his book After the Hunt. “(Only) five double-spurred gobblers have been reported over a period of 20 years by hunters in (two Florida) counties.

“When gobblers have double spurs, the extra one appears to be the lower and is usually smaller. In a few cases, both spurs are of similar size. Extra spurs have bony cores like normal spurs.”

Congratulations Josh!


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