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Hunting Fall Turkeys in the Wind

Editor’s note: Here’s some more great fall hunting advice from our friends at Best Turkey Decoy!

Hunting fall turkeys in the wind means locating where the birds go when it blows. We are talking of winds in excess of 20 miles per hour. Forget open areas and anywhere the wind can get to your turkeys. Those fall turkeys will be hanging in areas sheltered from the wind. Think topography or vegetation when looking for fall turkeys in the wind.

Windy Fall Turkeys Think Leeward

It’s hard to keep your feathers in the right spot with the wind blowing them every which way, so fall turkeys seek topography that shelter them from strong winds. The windward side of a hill greets the wind, and the leeward side is sheltered. This leeward topography means disrupted air flow and calmer conditions. The steeper the hill, the more disrupted the airflow, and if you know a bench with good oaks on a leeward hill, you have found a high percentage spot for windy-day turkeys.

Fall Turkeys Love Cedars and Pines in the Wind

Cedars and pines do a great job blocking the wind, and the older and thicker the patch the higher the odds your birds will be there. Find a grove of pines or cedars on the leeward side of a hill, and it becomes even more attractive to the birds.

When your birds find a good wind break on a windy day, they often hang out all day long, and if you like to stalk and still hunt, a windy day is a great day to use these tactics. To still-hunt these holed up fall turkeys, it is best to approach from downwind. A downwind approach makes it much harder for the birds to hear you and much easier for you to hear them. Call sparingly as you stalk into range, hoping for a response that lets you know the birds are indeed there. Take your time getting into range, as the birds will most likely stay put all day provided the wind continues blowing.

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