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Here Comes the 2010 Season

So, does anybody have a friend in Mississippi with lots of turkey ground?

It never hurts to ask, I guess. After all, come the morning of Saturday, March 13, Mississippi turkey hunters will be in the woods, and I’ll still be … well, let’s just say I won’t be hunting yet.

Shoot, Hawaii opened March 1, and Florida’s Southern Zone opened March 6. Many other Southern seasons are also “fixin'” to open soon. Alabama’s season starts March 15, as does private land in parts of South Carolina. The hunt starts March 20 in Georgia, Texas’ Southern Zone, and the Central and Northwestern zones of Florida.

If you live or travel to those states, here’s wishing you good luck. The rest of us will have to let spring progress and wait until the calendar turns in our favor.

It won’t be long. Right?

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