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Halfway Around the World …

Posted by Jim Schlender, Editor

I just got this note and photo from Sgt. Jeremy LaBorde of West Monroe, Louisiana, and thought I’d share it. Thank you Jeremy for your service to our country. Glad you’re back, and have a great spring!

iraqi turkey.jpg

I was a Scout Team Leader in the Army for four years with a total of 27 months spent in Iraq and just finished up my enlistment last June.

I was going through some of my pictures the other day and remembered this one so I figured I would pass this along to show that even halfway around the world there are still a few good turkeys around. We took over this house south of Baghdad last February at the beginning of 3ID’s big push to reclaim the area.

The gobbler came with the house, along with 7 dogs and numerous chickens. He only had a 3-4 inch beard but it was good to see something familiar for a change after 13 months in country.

And no, we didn’t cook him, even though it would have probably been the best meal we had in a long time. Thanks for putting out a great magazine. Garry Owen and Never Forget!


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