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Fall Beckons! How Was the Hatch?

HENFall turkey seasons are just around the corner. Every year at this time, folks ask, “How was the hatch in your area?”

Here’s a small sample of anecdotal observations and opinions from Turkey & Turkey Hunting Facebook fans across the country.

Brett Berry: It’s looking good here in Ohio. The first day can’t get here fast enough!

Brett Ladeau: Not very good in Vermont.

Tommy Glines: A little soft in Minnesota and late! Hope winter does not come early.

Mark Jenkins: Hatch has been the best I have ever seen. Turkey poults everywhere, and I’m sure there are some bearded demons in the batch here in Virginia.

Bobcat Creek Southwest Ohio: Too many damn hens. Time to thin a few out!

Rod Phillips: Looks to be another excellent year on our family land in Virginia. Cicadas were plentiful to fatten them up.

Daniel Cain: Not good at all in middle Tennessee.

Brandon Colquitt: We don’t have a fall season in Georgia, but the hatch around my area looks like the worst in years.

So how was it in your area? Let us know, and send in those fall harvest pictures!

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