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Death in the Turkey Woods: What Happend to This Hen?

dead turkeyWe know that turkeys face myriad survival challenges every day, but this seems a bit outside the norm. I received this note and photos Jan. 10 from longtime Turkey & Turkey Hunting friend and contributor Jamie Adams, of central Florida.

“Brian, I was out riding around about a hour ago, and I came across something I have never seen or heard of. It was a hen turkey hanging by its neck in a fork of a persimmon tree. She was about 18 to 20 feet off the ground in the tree. I checked all around the base of the tree, and there were only a couple of feathers. My first thoughts was that a bobcat or even a panther had caught it and placed in the fork. However there are no claw marks on the tree, and the hen looked in perfect shape, as the feathers were still blowing the breeze. I came back to the house, got my camera and took a bunch of photos. Possibly some of your friends could help me come to a conclusion as to what happened to her. The only thing I can figure is that she was in the tree roosting or whatever and somehow got her head wedged in the fork. I was by the same place yesterday, and she was not there. A lot of turkeys that use the area. Just wanted to let you know about this mystery hen.”

OK, readers: What happened to this hen?

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