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D3 Version 2.0

Remember the evil turkey I’d named D3, which had whipped me several times during Spring 2010? If not, don’t worry. Click here to get the summary.

D3 was back in his oak-ridge haunt this May, and I went after him this past week. The first morning, he gobbled 160 times on the limb, and then flew down, gathered his hens and marched off the property. The second morning, he only gobbled twice, but again gathered his hens and waltzed off.

The third morning, I came at him from another direction, but I missed my intended set-up spot in the dark. No matter. D3 flew down — you guessed it — gathered his hens and walked off the property. However, this time, I saw the route he took.

Instead of yelping aimlessly at a bird that was already gone, I slipped up to the roost site and pieced together D3’s travel route. The ridge there curves north and west, and that’s where the turkey and his girls had headed every morning. Then I found a setup that let me shoot to the property line and the ridge top. I even marked it by digging a big X in the leaves.

Would that mark the spot? I’d have to wait until Sunday morning to find out.

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