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Calling All Turkeys Bonus Video: Help These Hunters!

Instead of “Decision Time” this week, here’s a special video episode from Shane Simpson and Calling All Turkeys. For this week’s contest, answer this question: What advice would you give the Scheevel family to help them shoot more turkeys? If your answer is the one drawn, you’ll win a two-bird hunt with Shane at Heritage Outfitters-Nebraska in 2014.

The winner of Episode 3 was Dave Savage III. He takes home decals, turkey calls and apparel from Longbeard Life.

How To Play

Watch each episode of Calling All Turkeys. At some point in the episode, the “Decision Time” logo will appear and viewes will be presented with a few possible decisions to make about the hunt (A, B and/or C). Decide on the one that you think we will also choose or the one you think will provide the best outcome then follow the link on the home page of CallingAllTurkeys.com Viewers will then be redirected to the Turkey & Turkey Hunting website where you will register and make your official decision for the current episode (only one decision allowed per episode and your first decision is your final decision). On the next episode, the “correct” decision be will revealed and no further entries will be accepted for that particular “Decision Time” segment. All correct answers will go into a “virtual hat” from which we will draw a winner. We will draw a new winner each episode. Since there is no way to predict what may have happened if a different decision had been explored, employees with Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine and CallingAllTurkeys.com will choose which decision is the “correct” decision based on outcome and other factors. Each episode will reveal the previous episode’s conclusion and “correct” decision and a new hunt with a new segment of “Decision Time” will be presented until the end of the 2013 spring season (around the end of May). This contest is based on the web based, interactive text version of Turkey & Turkey Hunting’s “Decision Time” with Brian Lovett. By participating in this contest, you agree to waive all rights for CallingAllTukeys.com to use your name and likeness in any promotion or advertisment of this contest or any other aspect of CallingAllTurkeys.com web based programming. All decisions, pertaining to the contest, made by the staff of CallingAllTurkeys.com and Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine, are FINAL. ​

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