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Big Harvest Numbers From Two Titans

Two big turkey hunting states posted excellent harvest numbers this past spring.

As first reported May 13 by turkeyandturkeyhunting.com forum member “Ozarks Hillbilly,” Missouri hunters shot 41,830 birds during the three-week regular season and 2,883 during the youth season, for a total of 44,713 birds.

The regular-season harvest was down about 3.7 percent from 2008 but higher than predicted by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Click here, and then scroll down for a full report.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently announced that hunters shot 52,581 birds during the Spring 2009 season. That was down slightly from the record Spring 2008 harvest of 52,814 turkeys. The Spring 2009 success rate was about 24 percent, down from about 25 percent in 2008. Click here for a full report.

One comment: The difference between the Wisconsin and Missouri spring harvests might seem significant, but remember that Missouri has a three-week season, two-bird season limit and 1 p.m. daily closure. Wisconsin has six five-day periods and all-day hunting. Further, after tags are issued through the initial draw, hunters can purchase leftover permits — often available for the fourth through sixth weeks — until they’re gone, letting them hunt three or four time periods with multiple tags during later seasons.

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