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Attention Hook Fans: 2.25-Inch Spurs!

Here’s an amazing turkey story from Turkey & Turkey Hunting reader Shawn
Kotchey, of Millcreek Valley Game Calls, maker of Turkey Reaper products.

“I was blessed to witness a phenomenal hunt this past spring near Vesuvius,
Va., with good friend and Christian brother John Metzger. John has owned his
own guide and taxidermy business for more than 30 years, and has guided some of the best in the business, such a the late Dick Kirby. He’s also been a
judge at the NWTF Grand Nationals for years. To put it simply, the man knows
his stuff.

“The hunt involved one of John’s guides – also a good friend – Danny Ayers,
who’s one of the best woodsmen I’ve ever had the pleasure of hunting with.
We called up a gobbler, and it was supposed to be my shot. Unfortunately, I
could not shoot the bird, so Danny ended up harvesting it. It had 2.25-inch

“Danny is not into scoring or NWTF records, so he did not even get the turkey
mounted. I took pictures, measured the spurs and showed them to everyone. I
started the Turkey Reaper Spur Collector series in memory of that bird for
Danny. When I was at the Harrisburg, Pa., sports show, calling in the U.S.
Open contest, I showed the spurs to Denny Gulvas, one of my all-time turkey
idols. He was sure impressed.”

Here are the photos:


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