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At the End? Long Live Turkey Season

by Brian Lovett, editor

I should feel good.

I’m caught up on sleep, and my tick bites are healing. My truck isn’t jammed with junk, and my workroom is somewhat orderly.

But I feel like garbage, and you know why.

The Spring 2009 turkey season is finished, at least for me. Sure, some folks in Kansas, Nebraska and the Northeast have a few more days left, but the end is coming.

No more crisp gobbling mornings. No fly-down jitters. No floating your best
yelps and clucks into the timber. And no more face-to-beak interaction with
America’s greatest game animal. When the season winds down, it seems like reality slaps you right in the face.

But wait. Those fans, beards and feet are still drying in your basement, right? Also, you still have to send photos and stories to your turkey hunting buddies across the country.

Of course, we all need to thank the landowners who let us tromp around their dirt this spring. And fall seasons are only a few brief months away.

No, maybe I’m wrong.

Perhaps turkey hunting endures. The pursuit part of the cycle has concluded, but the spirit and obsession of the year-round turkey
nut lives on.

Turkey season is done. Long live turkey season.


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