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Analysis: Simple Truths Remain

If you’re like me, the first few weeks after turkey season serve as time to reflect on spring and analyze wins and losses.

As I do this every year, I tend to stumble back to a few simple truths. None are revolutionary; some are downright basic. Yet every turkey hunter can relate to them.

Here are some examples:

It’s easy to identify poison ivy. But if you don’t see it, you’re in for a long month, brother.

To paraphrase Jim Spencer, if you sit down wrong, you’re beat. And you will do this more often than not.

If a hunt is going too well to be true, just wait.

Sleep deprivation can really affect your mental capacity. Also, sleep deprivation can really affect your mental capacity.

Gobblers really don’t read the playbook presented in hallowed journals such as Turkey & Turkey Hunting.

If you move, he will see you — guaranteed. In fact, he might even see you if you think about moving.

Your screw-ups stay with you longer than your successes. A lot longer.

Sleep deprivation can really … uh, wait a minute.

No matter how tough your spring was, you can’t wait till fall or the next spring.

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