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Alabama Archer Scores on Rare Gobbler

Alabama hunter Justin Moore recently beat the odds fourfold.

Moore, wildlife biologist with the Whitetail Institute of North America, used archery tackle March 22 to kill this 22-pound gobbler. Moreover, he was on public land, hunting without a blind and being filmed by a friend.

That’s impressive enough. However, Moore didn’t realize how special his bird was until he stood over it.

“He had four spurs — double on each side,” Moore said. “Both of the big ones were worn down a lot. The biggest was 1 inch, and the other was about 7/8 inch. Both were very dull. The other two spurs were about 3/8 inch.”

“Double spurs are rare,” said Lovett E. Williams Jr., noted turkey biologist and contributing editor for Turkey & Turkey Hunting. “My brother shot the first specimen ever recorded in 1963 in Florida, when we were hunting together. Since then, there have been around 20 cases reported. I know there must
have been others before then, but they weren’t recorded. There have been reports of four triple-spurred turkeys and one turkey with four spurs on each leg.”

Of course, Moore didn’t know that March 22. He was just enjoying a great hunt for a unique bird.

“He was the boss on the mountain I was hunting,” he said.


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