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Hot Product: Comp-n-Choke Turkey Shotgun Choke Tubes

Comp N Choke tube

A successful turkey hunting trip means everything has to fall into place, including having the right gun, ammunition and choke tube working together.

Make sure of the latter with Comp-N-Choke for reliable pattern densities. You can work at the range with your favorite ammunition to get an even distribution of pellets across 14- to 16-inch patterns at 40 yards. Select from 20-gauge choke tubes in XX Full, and 12- and 16-gauge chokes in XXX Full for 3-inch No. 5 or any size No. 6 shot.

Additionally, you’ll get 12- and 16-gauge chokes in XX Full for any size No. 4 or 3 1/2-inch No. 5 shot. Whatever you shoot, you’ll be covered and so will the turkeys’ heads.


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