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A Home Defense Shotgun for Turkey Hunting?

Mossberg turkey defense gun

The new FLEX 500 Combo Turkey/Security from Mossberg combines defense features in a hunting package. It’s ideal for both purposes. (Image via Mossberg)

A lot of folks like a 20 gauge shotgun as a home defense weapon because it’s smaller and more nimble than a 12 gauge, but still packs a wallop. What if you could have that and a fantastic turkey gun, too, all in one package?

Mossberg has delivered just that with its 500 FLEX Field/Security Combo, which has two barrels, two FLEX stocks and two FLEX forends, all in a multi-compartment, soft-sided case. The Field/Security Combo is based on Mossberg’s 500 pump-action shotgun with 2¾-inch and 3-inch shotshell capability, and you can transition from a camo hunting gun to the tactical home defense gun or back in minutes thanks to the FLEX’s tool-free system. Slamming turkeys and protecting your family is a great combo.

Info: www. Mossberg.com

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