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Fall Update

For those of you who hunt turkeys exclusively in spring, fall is a time of mixed emotions. There’s no shortage of other pursuits to enjoy in autumn, which is great, but the sound of that first spring gobble is still so far away.

On the other hand, for hunters who get as excited about going after fall birds as they do spring gobblers, this is your time.

Therefore, deciding how to fill the annual Fall issue has always required some extra thought. This time around, the pages ahead will provide you with a good dose of information to get you ready for turkey hunting’s second season, but you’ll also find plenty to read that will apply to your spring hunting.

Even if you’ve never taken the challenge of fall turkey hunting, by all means read the articles in the special section. They got me fired up for fall, and I’ll bet they will do the same for you.

Related to that, results from a poll on our Web site, show that nearly 60 percent of visitors to our site plan to turkey hunt at least 10 days this fall, and another 30 percent plan to turkey hunt “a few times.” Awesome. Hope to see you out there.

*  *  *
Because fall is a time of change, so it goes with this issue. You’ve heard that change is constant, and we aren’t going to make changes just for the sake of change, but nevertheless, here’s what we’ve been up to.

First, contributing editor Brian Lovett is departing from his “Decision Time” column that has run for three years and starting a new column, “The Complete Caller,” on Page 50.

Information on calling can be difficult to put into words, but if anyone can do it, Lovett can.

Next is a new angle for the “Biology” column that contributing editor Lovett Williams Jr. has been writing since this magazine’s inception.(And no, for the 100th time, he and Brian Lovett are not related yes, I understand the question and maybe even momentary confusion, but one’s a first name and one’s a last name. OK? I’m not discussing this anymore.)

Williams’ column (Page 54) is now going to be devoted to answering biology-related questions in every issue. Many questions I receive from readers have to do with turkey biology: Why do they … ? Have you ever seen … ? I witnessed this in the woods and was wondering … etc.

Now Williams will have a format in which to address these topics on a timely basis.

This issue also marks the last installment of “Favorite Calls” from editor-at-large Jim Casada. For three years this column has proven popular with call collectors. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to stray from addressing the booming interest in collecting turkey calls, gear, books and memorabilia.

Beginning with the Winter issue, Casada will be writing a column on all categories of collectibles. Casada has also written 12 features over the past few years in a series called “Remembering the Greats.” This issue marks Great No. 12, Gene Nunnery. But this isn’t the last installment. There are countless more turkey hunting greats who deserve mention in these pages, so we will continue the series again at a later date, most likely by the end of 2009.

*  *  *
Lastly, a reminder: If you haven’t been to www.turkeyandturkeyhunting.com since we redesigned it a few months ago, please check it out. There’s lots of new content, an active message board, opportunities to win prizes, a staff blog and much more.

The latest addition to the message board is a state-by-state section so you can report and compare notes about hunting conditions and related news from your region. Join the discussion and continue making T&TH the source for all things turkey.


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