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Turkey Sounds

Turkey & Turkey Hunting Contributing Editor Lovett E. Williams, Jr. shares calls of the wild turkey from his Real Turkeys VI CD. The excerpts below are only snippets of what’s available on the full CD, which includes narration by Lovett Williams.

If you’re serious about turkey hunting and calling, we highly recommend you download this Online Course by Turkey & Turkey Hunting Editor Brian Lovett. He and some special guests will teach you how to mimic these sounds using box, friction and mouth calls. They also discuss important tactics when calling tough birds. Click here to download the Online Course.


Wild Turkey Sounds

Young Turkey Kee Keeing
 Plain HenYelp
 Lost Hen Yelp
 Hen Cluck
Fall Jake Cutting
 Hen Purring
 Tom Gobbling
 Morning in a Turkey Roost
 Tom Gobbling and Jakes Yelping
 Barred Owl

Ocellated Turkey Sounds

To learn more about ocellated turkeys, or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hunt these exotic birds with Turkey & Turkey Hunting Contributing Editor Lovett E. Williams, Jr., click here.

Below are excerpts from Williams’ recordings of these unique turkeys.


Alarm Clucking
Clear Whistle
Dischordant Whistles
Howler Monkeys
Wing Flapping Song

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