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Interest in Hunting Wild Turkeys Increases With Populations

by Ben Sobieck, online editor

This story and photo from West Virginia hunter Ed Vogel demonstrates why turkey hunting continues to grow in popularity. Vogel hunted deer as a kid, but couldn’t pursue turkeys for one simple reason: there were none.

Ed Vogel killed this gobbler in spring 2011.

Ed Vogel killed this tom in spring 2011.

As T&TH readers know, this was the case in many parts of the country until restoration efforts began. As flocks increased, so did the desire to hunt the birds. In the late 1980s, the turkey bug bit Vogel. He’s never looked back.

Vogel writes:

“I never really had any family members that were into hunting, so this process has been all self-taught. I was able to get a nice tom this year and credit the Turkey & Turkey Hunting forum.

“I enjoy reading Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine and have read several other good turkey hunting books that have helped.

“The turkey in this photo is the one I took this spring. It weighed 20 pounds, had a 10-inch beard and 1/16-inch spurs.”

Congratulations from Turkey & Turkey Hunting!

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