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Pro Staff

Turkey & Turkey Hunting traces its roots to March 1984, when the first issue of Turkey magazine was published. Many of the articles were from everyday hunters; folks who were passionate about turkeys and turkey hunting.

Twenty-five years later, that hasn’t changed. Turkey & Turkey Hunting remains a grassroots magazine with an avid, knowledgeable audience. Now, the Turkey & Turkey Hunting Web Pro Staff brings that passion to the online world.

Members of our Web Pro Staff are turkey hunting diehards; folks from across the country who think about turkey hunting year round. Many might not be widely known, but they are some of most knowledgeable hunters you’ll find.

The Web Pro Staff provides honest feedback on everything from hunting tactics and in-the-field observations to favorite products, in on-line articles, the Turkey Scratchings blog and the forum.


Name: Benjamin "Bo" Gittleman

Forum handle: Sailfish

Hunting grounds: Florida

E-mail: bgittleman@att.com

"I am all-in when it comes to any sport. In the case of turkeys, I dive into camo, calling, gear, location, set-up, etc., whatever it takes to become successful to take a


Name: Roger Petty


Hunting grounds: Georgia

E-mail: roger@abewarehouse.com

"I have been reading Turkey & Turkey Hunting for more than 10 years. I was born and raised in Georgia, and have been hunting for more than 30 years.

"I am a ‘self-taught’ hunter. I didn’t have the luxury of learning hunting skills from another outdoorsman. That is why I love introducing newcomers and children to the outdoors. I enjoy giving them the opportunity to harvest their first gobbler, with hopes that they will take up the tradition.

"Some 15 years ago, I took an interest in turkey hunting. My passion for hunting the elusive ‘STEROIDCHICKEN’ has never slowed. I travel to several states every year in pursuit of the wild turkey. Turkey & Turkey Hunting is the only turkey magazine that I read cover-to-cover. It is, by far, the most informative magazine on the market today."


Name: Clark Bush

Forum handle: allaboutshooting

Hunting grounds: Southern Illinois

E-mail: clark@allaboutshooting.com

"I’ve read Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine for many years. I can’t remember exactly when I ‘plucked’ my first copy off the newsstand, but I’ve been a subscriber for several years. I like both the variety of stories and the updates on new products.

"I’ve been a shooter for most of my life and a hunter since I was 10. Shooting and hunting were traditions in my family. I was introduced to both by my father and older brothers.

"I began hunting turkeys almost 30 years ago. It’s become a passion of mine that I pursue one way or another all year. I’ve also devoted several years to the sport of still target shooting. I have tested many combinations of turkey chokes and shotshells to learn what works best in a particular shotgun. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others. I do my best to be of help to them.

"Lastly, I really believe that, ‘If he’s out of range, it just means he has another day and so do you.’"


Name: Joseph Hogan

Forum handle: JPH

Hunting grounds: Iowa

E-mail: hunterfit@gmail.com

"My name is Joseph Hogan. I am 37 years old and live in central Iowa. I have been hunting turkeys for 22 years and reading Turkey & Turkey Hunting for the last three.

"In addition to working to fill my own tags, I enjoy guiding and calling for friends and family. My personal style includes a lot of movement and a lot of calling. I am not afraid to safely spot-and-stalk or decoy wary gobblers. I love every aspect of the hunt and I enjoy using new tactics.

"I am also a member of the D&DH Web Pro-Staff, and am as much a whitetail fanatic as I am a turkey freak. In addition to hunting, I am passionate about my faith, my family, my work and physical fitness. I look forward to helping Turkey & Turkey Hunting deliver the most practical and comprehensive turkey hunting information on the Web."


Name: William Allendorf

Forum handle: shaman

Hunting grounds: Kentucky

E-mail: shaman@blackholecoffeehouse.com

"I have been a reader of the Turkey & Turkey Hunting for over 20 years, and a subscriber for probably 15.
"I don’t claim to be much of a turkey hunter. I’ve only got 26 years under my
belt, but the first 10 or so were spent where I only had one weekend to
hunt, and the state I was in limited me to ending at noon and no Sunday
hunting. That meant I drove 200 miles after work, camped out, ran out in the
dark, and hunted Saturday morning and then drove back to town.
"Still, I can still remember pulling out my box call on that first morning, laying down my first string of yelps and having a gobbler respond. I was  hooked for life. It took three more years to see a gobbler and another five  to get a shot, but I finally did it. Somewhere along the way I figured out  that the 80 acres I was hunting did not have any turkeys on it, and moved my  hunting down to Kentucky. After that my success picked up.
"My biggest screw-up, and this has taken years to mend, was getting in with a fine old bunch of gentlemen that became my hunting buddies. Never throw in with a bunch of old guys. As the baby of the bunch I learned what it was like to be the last man standing, and the only guy at camp. In order to remedy the situation, I was forced to marry, raise three sons and get two of them thoroughly brainwashed into thinking that sitting in the pre-dawn in a blind waiting for the ugliest bird in the world to wake up and fly down is fun. Not only that, but I had to teach them to make horrible noises, like fingernails on a blackboard, was what thrills these birds and that if they get lucky gobblers get to make love to an ugly hen.  As such, my sons understand that we, as good Christians, owe them the favor of shooting them and ending their

"I had to teach them that a gun with more kick than the average elephant rifle was the only way to kill these birds, and that any day you can walk in from the hunt having been bested by a  bird the size of a bushel basket with the all the intelligence of three yards of tire rut is somehow a good day. This I have done to fill the void in my life left by the passing of my hunting buddies. I have done it successfully. I repent none of it."


Name: Jeff Bobrofsky

Forum handle: Fan Club

Hunting grounds: Michigan and Missouri

E-mail: JBobrofsky@aol.com

"Born in 1955, I have been turkey hunting since 1994. I have hunted almost every other species of game since I could tote a gun for more than 40 years now (thanks, Dad!). I travel to northeast Missouri every year, where we have a lease. I hunt birds here in Michigan as well."


Name: Doug Morgan

Forum handle: Morgan

Hunting grounds: Mississippi

E-mail: jimmydale.fitzgerald@gmail.com

"I have been turkey hunting since I was a kid, around 10 or 12 years old. I really got serious about it 34 springs ago.

"Mississippi opened a fall season four years ago. Now I hunt both spring and fall. Beginning in fall of 2008, I hunt with my turkey dog, Snuffy. I pretty much hunt using the old ways I was taught. I’m more of a one-on-one hunter, with the exception of hunts with my son."

New Mexico

Name: Jim Bates

Forum handle: Gobblerman

Hunting grounds: New Mexico

E-mail: jim_bates2@hotmail.com

"I have lived in southern New Mexico all my life, where I am an avid hunter of big game and turkeys. I started spring turkey hunting around 1965, when New Mexico began its spring hunts. I’ve hunted all five subspecies and completed several royal slams. Most of my turkey outings are unguided, do-it-yourself hunts.

"I am very active in the National Wild Turkey Federation at both the state and local chapter levels. For 25 years, I’ve offered turkey hunting seminars."

North Carolina

Name: David Eads

Forum handle: tracebusta32

Hunting grounds: North Carolina

E-mail: mmhickory@embarqmail.com

"I have read Turkey and Turkey Hunting magazine for about five seasons now. I have been hunting since I was 9.

"Although lived with my mother, she allowed us boys to own a .22 caliber rifle that we would hunt squirrels with. When I was 13, she bought me a Winchester 12 gauge to shoot dove, deer, squirrel or whatever was in season.

"I began hunting turkeys about 10 years ago, I learned mostly through trial and error. It has become the most enjoyable activity that I engage in. As a father of three, I enjoy bringing kids along to hunt this wonderful game bird. I hope to continue that as long as God allows."


Name: Mark Hay

Forum handle: mark hay

Hunting grounds: Ohio

E-mail: oldschool12@hughes.net

"I’ve been reading Turkey & Turkey Hunting for close to 10 years. I live in Highland County, Ohio, just a few miles south of Hillsboro. 

"I’ve been an avid outdoorsman and hunter since my youth, following in my dad’s footsteps. I began turkey hunting with a passion in 1998, though it soon developed into an obsession  The Turkey & Turkey Hunting website and forum has been a real breath of fresh air. I am able to talk turkey every day with some of the best turkey hunters in the country.

"’Old school turkey tactics’ is my signature. It’s the way I hunt."


Name: Jon Herrold

Forum handle: Turkeybuster

Hunting grounds: Pennsylvania and Alabama

E-mail: jonr7060@aol.com

"I harvested my first turkey in 1960 and have been hunting them ever since. When I started hunting, there weren’t many birds and hunting was tough to say the least. There was very little information to be had. What was available was extremely hard to obtain.

"Turkey management was in the early stages so we had to blunder along. At this time, there was no spring season. If you heard a bird gobble it was a big event. I devoted all my hunting time to turkeys and calling. I was fortunate to have a very understanding wife who gave my son and I a trip to Alabama for Christmas one year. This finally turned into a yearly trip. I then started guiding for a lodge in Alabama.

"I was fortunate to meet a lot of prominent callers and turkey hunters along the way. Now, going into my 49th year of this craziness, I can’t wait until opening day. I am sure you can relate to that. I try to stay abreast of new products, clothing, ammunition, calls, guns, new camo, etc."

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