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The Best Hat Clip Flashlight

Turkey & Turkey Hunting staffers recognize the value in hat clip flashlights. But what they can’t understand is why a product designed to free up hands often requires so much fiddling around.

The best hat clip flashlightFinally, T&TH found a model that deserves the title of “best hat clip flashlight.” It’s the GSM Cyclops Orion Pro LED Hat Clip Light. The difference is that is attaches above the brim, not below it. This reduces time spent adjusting the light because it’s blocking field of view.

Here are other reasons T&TH found the Cyclops to be the best hat clip flashlight:

* Design contours to the curved shape of the brim.

* Comes in camo, unlike the black or olive usually found with hat clip flashlights.

* Five LEDs can project up to 15 feet.

* Extra long battery life.

Click here to check out the GSM Cyclops Orion Pro LED Hat Clip Light for yourself.

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