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Review: M.A.D. Reintroduces Super Aluminator, Super Crystal

M.A.D. reintroduces Super Aluminator

M.A.D.'s legendary Super Aluminator is back.

M.A.D.’s legendary Super Aluminator friction call is back, complete with the original acoustic pot, T-6 aircraft aluminum surface, and hickory and carbon strikers.

Also returning is the Super Crystal, the first genuine crystal pot. The surface is much harder than glass and creates nasal-pitched, high-frequency sounds that turkeys love. It comes with purple heart and carbon strikers.

Further, M.A.D. unveils the Super Ceramic, which has the soft properties of slate yet harder resonating properties of glass or aluminum, letting it play soft or loud.

M.A.D. also introduces the Bang Box call, which is the big brother to its Boom Box. Made of a one-piece CNC-machined base of poplar and a cherry lid, this mini long box bangs out incredible turkey vocalizations.

Contact M.A.D. Calls at (800) 232-3474 or www.flambeauoutdoors.com.

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