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Product Review: Hook’s Custom Calls Executioner II

executionerHook’s Custom Calls’ Executioner II complements the company’s best-selling Executioner, designed by Mike Miller.

The EX2 has two reeds of latex on top with a layer of prophylactic on the bottom, which easily produces the high front end of the yelp. From hard cutting and cackling to soft yelps and purrs, this call will do everything.

Also, Hook’s Eradicator is a three-reed call with heavier red latex over two thinner reeds of black latex. This call easily reproduces yelps, cutting, clucks and purrs at a realistic volume. It’s a great beginners’ three-reed that runs as easily as a two-reed.

In addition, Hook’s Enforcer is a batwing that provides great versatility. It has two reeds of latex and one reed of prophylactic, providing sharper cutting and louder yelping while running at a realistic volume.


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