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New Product Review: Avian-X LCD Decoys

avianxAvian-X’s new LCD turkey decoys are designed to mimic the anatomy and true-to-life detail of a live hen. They also incorporate the posture, attitude and expression a real bird possesses when communicating with other turkeys.

The decoys are completely collapsible and made of an advanced dura-rubber material, which makes them easy to pack into the woods. Each decoy comes with a carry bag and folding motion stake. All the new LCD hen decoys include ultra-realistic details and No-Flake painted perfection.

The LCD Lookout has the head-high, upright position of a “lookout” and shows dominance. It has a high, exposed rump and dropped wings, indicating that the hen is relaxed but ready to fight for her gobbler.

The LCD Feeder is in a relaxed position. Often, from mid- to late-season, you see lone hens feeding in fields or open hardwoods. A strutter might be five to 10 yards behind her, waiting for his courtship chance.

The LCD Breeder has a lowered head and forward-stretching body position, with a high exposed rump and dropped wings. This tells incoming gobblers the hen is receptive to breeding. The decoy is effective when staked alone or with other decoys.

www.avian-x.com; www.zinkcalls.com

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