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New Product: Ameristep Supernatural Ground Blind

Ameristep Supernatural ground blind has a big footprint and ample room for hunters.

Turkey hunting often is a run ‘n’ gun type deal, where you find a good tree or hidey hole setup. But sometimes you may need a ground blind to keep squiggly wiggly kids from being seen or because you’re bowhunting. Maybe there’s not much cover around.

Whatever the case, you’ll want a big blind like the Ameristep Supernatural. It has a Spider Hub frame that’s easy to set up and an ultra flat-black Shadow Guard interior. That helps you stay concealed (be sure to wear black) during the hunt. Other features include two rows of sewn-in brush pockets above and below the windows so you can add brush to make it look more natural.

The Supernatural has a 59×59-inch footprint with a height of 67 inches and width of 75 inches. It’s large enough for you to be comfortable with a gun, bow, crossbow, cameras, jumpy kids or wary gobblers easing into range.

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