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Make Your Tastebuds Tingle with Hunting for Food

Drive yourself toward self-sufficiency and learn how to hunt, process, and cook a wide variety of wild game with Hunting for Food by Jenny Nguyen and Rick Wheatley. Begin with detailed instructions on the best practices for hunting different types of game, including coverage of how to find or attract the game you’re looking to hunt, best times for hunting, and the gear you’ll need to be successful.

Once you’ve successfully completed a hunt, then what? This complete field-to-table guide also includes information on field dressing and processing wild game, as well as recipe cooking instructions for preparing it. Processing and preparation instructions cover a wide variety of game, including fish, fowl and small game, as well as deer and wild hog.

In Hunting for Food you’ll find:

  • Detailed instructions on how to best hunt each type of game
  • Step-by-step 4-color photos of how to field dress and prepare a wide variety of game
  • Durable spiral binding that allows the book to lay completely flat and remain open for hands-free use

Authors of the blog Food for Hunters, their work has also appeared in Cooking Wild MagazineDeer & Deer Hunting, the Omaha World-HeraldWide Open Spaces and NEBRASKAland Magazine.

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