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Hot Gear: Five Great Gobbler Guns and Loads

When you’re getting ideas for some of the best turkey hunting gear, don’t forget these shotguns and gobbler-smacker ammunition loads when you’re shopping.

By Darron McDougal

Remington V3 Field Sport

Remington V3 Field Sport
Smooth cycling meets rigid dependability in Remington’s sensational V3 Field Sport. The USA-made shotgun chambers 2¾- and 3-inch loads, and impeccably cycles moderate field loads and heavy-hitting magnum loads alike. The V3 features Remington’s Versaport, which self-regulates gas pressure specifically for the length of the shell and reduces felt recoil. A tactical-black synthetic stock completes the ensemble. For more information, visit www.Remington.com.

Mossberg 835

Mossberg 535 and 835
Mossberg now offers its 535 and 835 turkey guns with Marble Arms Bull’s-eye peep sights. Of course, key features are still present in both models: ambidextrous safety, positive steel-to-steel lockup, dual extractors, twin action bars and smooth anti-jam elevator. Both models offer a 3½-inch chamber and are finished in Mossy Oak Obsession. The 535 includes an XX-Full choke, while the 835 includes an Ulti-Full choke. Combined with a quality load, Mossberg turkey guns can reach out and plow down boss gobblers at extended ranges. For more information, visit www.Mossberg.com.

Winchester Long Beard XR

Winchester Long Beard XR
Winchester offers Long Beard XR in 3- and 3½-inch magnum configurations, and in shot sizes ranging from No. 4 to 6. Payloads range from 1¾ ounces to 21/8 ounces. What makes this load stand out from others is pattern density and downrange energy. Shot-Lok Technology protects shot during in-bore acceleration, which distributes it in a circular pattern for excellent density and hard-hitting performance. The result is 10 percent greater penetration than standard lead loads and double the pellets in a 10-inch circle out to 60 yards. For more information, visit www.Winchester.com.

Federal Premium 3rd Degree

Federal Premium 3RD Degree
Federal incorporated science to design its 3RD Degree turkey load. It includes 40 percent No. 7 Heavyweight, which groups densely at the pattern’s center for long-range performance; 20 percent No. 6 Flitestopper lead, which spreads quickly for a forgiving close-range pattern; and 40 percent No. 5 Premium lead, which creates a deadly pattern at midranges. Finally, a Flitecontrol wad opens from the rear to perfectly time its release from the payload. Federal 3RD Degree is a load perfect for short-, medium- and long-range shooting. For more information, visit www.FederalPremium.com.

Remington Nitro Turkey

Remington Nitro Turkey
Featuring Remington’s advanced Power Piston one-piece wad, Nitro Turkey is a proven load available in 3- and 3½-inch configurations for 12 gauge shooters and in a 3-inch option for 20 gauge shooters. Loads range from 1¼ to 2 ounces, with shot sizes ranging from No. 4 to No. 6. Velocity for the 12 gauge 3½-inch Nitro Turkey load is an astounding 1,300 fps. The result is incredible takedown power, even at longer ranges. For more information, visit www.Remington.com.

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