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Winter 2009 Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Cold weather may mark the end of the hunt, but it won’t last forever. Now is the perfect time to regroup and prepare for the spring 2010 season. The Winter 2009 issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting is the right place to start. Keep reading with a subscription.

Inside This Issue

• For once, Mark Strand felt like sitting and testing the fates of ambush amid the wide-open prairie.

• As a contest caller, call maker, seminar speaker and hunting personality, Ben Rodgers Lee ruled the turkey hunting world for almost two decades.

• Many calls help you sound like a turkey, but nothing matches the satisfaction of hunting with a yelper you made from a bird you killed. Lovett E. Williams Jr. shows how to make your own wingbone yelper.

• You’ll encounter three types of these devious, mostly quiet long-beards in the spring woods. All are difficult to kill. John Trout Jr. explains.

• There just aren’t as many suicidal gobblers as there used to be. That’s why Jim Spencer hunts turkeys differently nowadays. He’s still aggressive, but he does it in an unaggressive manner.

• Turkey & Turkey Hunting’s first Grand Slam Turkey Call Contest attracted dozens of entries from some of the best call makers in America. Editor Brian Lovett here are the winners.

• The 2010 Spring Turkey Hunting Guide is T&TH‘s annual state-by-state guide for traveling turkey hunters.

• Hunt long enough and you’re bound to wonder how in the world you missed that easy shot. Editor Brian Lovett explores this strange phenomenon in his “Tree Call” column. Click here to read it.

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