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Spring 2009 Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Remember the person who introduced you to turkey hunting? This person offered years of advice, spreading a contagious passion for the hunt for Ol’ Tom. Turkey & Turkey Hunting is like that mentor. Only this one arrives by mail, not a vehicle, and comes in the form of a subscription.

Inside This Issue

• Jim Casada’s turkey hunting career has been marked by a neverending saga of misses, mistakes and misadventures — and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

• Even when the so-called experts go turkey hunting, Jim Spencer writes, nothing works all the time, and the turkey wins more often than not.

• You can think your way to more turkeys by recognizing good setup spots when you see them. Mark Strand has the tips you need to know.

• Turkey hunting is full of variables, but there’s one constant: food.
In fact, Tom Carpenter espouses, springtime chow might lead you to your next gobbler.

• Can you use trail cameras to scout for turkeys? Perhaps. If nothing else, Scott Bestul says they provide a great source of entertainment.

• Many turkey hunts hinge on a critical decision. Here’s a look at some of the Brian Lovett’s recent hits and misses.

• Of all the turkey hunting skills you should learn, Gary Sefton advises, patience gets a nine out of 10 in terms of importance.

• If you don’t consider Michigan’s Upper Peninsula a great turkey hunting destination, that’s just because you haven’t tried it.

• Brian Lovett’s “Tree Call” column looks at the Grand Slam Turkey Call contest. Click here to read it.

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