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Spring 2011 Turkey & Turkey Hunting – Regular Issue

Spring 2011 issue Turkey & Turkey HuntingInside This Issue

• The final day of turkey season is impossible to accept. You have no more real hills to climb and no real reason to remain unseen.

• In a landscape that’s increasingly fragmented, hunters must often call turkeys off posted properties to land they can hunt. Here’s how.

• “Go west” is still good advice for turkey hunters looking to extend their seasons.

• Some hunters believe sneaking up on gobblers is just another form of hunting, but others contend it’s wrong.

• Wild turkeys in tame places offer great hunting opportunities. Here’s how to gain access to close-to-town gobblers.

• A hunt with a special friend was coming to fruition. However, there was the small matter of a stuck joystick.

• Consider these factors when changing locations and dealing with the uncertainty of such situations.

• More turkey hunters are entering the fascinating field of habitat management. Here’s how to start.

• Late-season hunts can be very rewarding, even if the weather seems more like August than May.

• A spectacular venue, glorious Merriam’s and the Apache culture – it doesn’t get better than this.

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