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Spring 2011 Turkey & Turkey Hunting

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• Advice from a master about how to get beyond the basics and amp up your friction-call game this spring.

• You’ll be a better turkey hunter if you’re comfortable. Here’s how to stay warm, dry and safe in the spring woods.

• Mouth-call manufacturers offer many styles and models. Here’s how to find the yelper that’s right for you.

• Modern turkey decoys look and move just like real birds. Use these ultra-realistic fakes to make a longbeard prance and swirl this spring.

• After 35-plus years in the turkey woods, the author remains a box call man. Why? They’re easy to use, and they sound like turkeys.

• We live in an era of specialization, but double-duty shotguns make a lot of sense in the turkey woods.

• It’s been more than a decade since the modern rkey shotshell was introduced. Since then, manufacturers have upped the ante with some remarkably lethal offerings.

• Hunting gobblers with a bow and arrow is the ultimate challenge. Are you ready?

• Forget that old shotgun bead. Manufacturers have given turkey hunters numerous high-tech sighting options.

• These must-have vest items help provide comfort and function in the spring woods.

• A great turkey call takes on a life of its own. But the life you give it – by taking it to the woods and making sweet turkey sounds – matters most.

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