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March 2009 Turkey and Turkey Hunting

The spring season is so close. The anticipation is growing unbearable. What better way to wait out winter than Turkey and Turkey Hunting? The March 2009 issue brought valuable information from turkey hunting’s foremost minds. Click here to subscribe for a terrific deal off the cover price.

Here’s a peak inside the edition:

• Having a place to hunt is imperative. Greg Lobas appreciates kind landowners.

Calling unresponsive birds is frustrating. Jim Spencer explains how to get things on track.

• Two decades later, James Audubon‘s descriptions and pictures of wild turkey still hold value. Jim Casada explores why.

• Brian Lovett lays out techniques to call birds from trees and other inaccessible areas.

• John R. Trout, Jr. shows how to make quiet birds gobble.

• Years of experience in the woods gleans practical information. Steve Hickoff shares his insights.

• When are there too many turkeys in an area? Is it even possible? Lovett E. Williams, Jr. debunks myths about turkey populations.

• Mark Strand examines worthy turkey hunting traditions.

Click here to read Editor Brian Lovett’s “Tree Call” column, in which he re-introduces himself as editor of the magazine.

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