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March 2008 Turkey & Turkey Hunting

March 2008 IssueThe March 2008 issue offers no excuses to be an uninformed turkey hunter. Sign up for a subscription today.

Take a look inside:

• Gary Sefton shows why turkey hunting gets tougher when you have to outwit tame birds as well as wild ones.

• Sometimes, getting “too close” to a roosted tom is exactly what it takes to be successful. Steve Hickoff shares practical tips.

• The time-tested box call is a great choice for rookies, but in the hands of an experienced hunter, such as Jim Spencer, it’s downright deadly.

• Excuses don’t put tags on gobblers. Tom Carptenter says effort does.

• If the first shot at a turkey doesn’t seal the deal, you might have to shoot again. Brian Lovett demonstrates how to make the most of a second chance.

• Here are three situations, courtesy of Travis Faulkner, in which simply paying attention to what the turkeys are telling you will help you fool stubborn toms.

• Jim Casada remembers Roger Latham, a Pennsylvanian visionary, conservationist and writer who left behind a wealth of literature on turkeys and turkey hunting.

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