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March 2010 Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Inside This Issue

• Is there such a thing as too many turkey trophies? Editor Brian Lovett cleans clutter in his "Tree Call" column. Click here to read it.

• One more trip couldn’t hurt, right? After all, the essence of spring turkey hunting is in the journey, Sam Parrish writes.

• We all belong to this hunting club, says Jim Spencer, and it offers some of the best turkey action in the country.

• Wet conditions can pose multiple problems for turkey hunters. Ron Jolly shows how to turn water into a turkey killing tool.

• Turkey hunting is filled with legends and outright lies. Scott Bestul examines some of his favorites.

• Cutt-and-run hunting is not without risks. John Trout Jr. reveals 10 ways to make sure you don’t succeed.

• When does a red-hot gobbler become less important? When you’re face to face with two giant Missouri bulls, writes Brian Lovett.

• Dwain Bland was a turkey hunting pioneer and significant contributor to turkey hunting literature. Jim Casada looks back.

• Lovett E. Williams Jr. offers a detailed examination of turkey breeding behavior will make you a better hunter.

• Three veterans of the spring woods discuss how turkey hunting has changed the past 40 years. Bruce Ingram reviews their discussion.

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