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Fall 2009 Turkey & Turkey Hunting

It sure would be nice to relive the memories you made during the spring turkey season. Maybe that’s why someone came up with the idea of having a fall season. That second wind of hunting is closer than ever. Prepare yourself with the Fall 2009 issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting. Pick up a subscription now and we’ll have a magazine to you before the leaves hit the ground.

Inside This Issue

• Greg Lobas had no desire to get a turkey mounted — until a special gobbler came along. However, several complications clouded his decision.

• Tired of scattering family groups and whistling in young birds? This fall, try some strong-arm tactics for gobblers from Steve Hickoff.

• Autumn birds are all about food, writes Gary Sefton. If you determine what they’re eating before the season, you’ll be locked in opening day.

• Most hunters reserve autumn days for deer or waterfowl. After learning the truth about fall turkey hunting, Mike Lambeth will gladly take a break from whitetails to chase autumn gobblers.

• No doubt, some gobblers are tougher than others. However, they’re still turkeys, and believing otherwise can psych you out of the game. Brian Lovett shows how to overcome this mental obstacle.

• Jim Spencer is a hopeless turkey hunting wanderer. However, if he had to confine himself to five states, these are the ones he’d pick.

• Mississippi’s Jack Dudley was one of the early stars of competitive turkey calling, having used his natural voice. He later wrote a timeless book on the sport. Jim Casada looks back at this turkey hunting legend.

• Editor Brian Lovett explores the big wait during summer in his “Tree Call” column.