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April 2009 Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Remember the person who introduced you to turkey hunting? This person offered years of advice, spreading a contagious passion for the hunt for Ol’ Tom. Turkey & Turkey Hunting is like that mentor. Only this one arrives by mail, not a vehicle, and comes in the form of a subscription.

Take a peak inside the April 2009 issue:

• Sleep and turkey hunting go hand in hand. Mark Strand shows how to embrace and perfect the subtle art of sleeping
in the woods.

• A gobbler’s circle of trust is the plot of ground in which he feels safe. The thing is, as Jim Spencer explains, it’s unpredictable.

• Jim Casada takes a first of two looks at memorable experiences in the turkey woods.

• Location is often more important than calling. Steve Hickoff offers some devious tactics that might work this spring.

• Ethics can be open to interpretation. Scott Bestul puts forth four difficult scenarios that will make you think hard about your behavior afield.

• Jacob Edson’s first Osceola hunt was not turning out as planned, but with temperatures in his home state near zero, he was not complaining.

• Walking and calling is a great tactic, but it is not right for every situation. Brian Lovett shares thoughts on the relative merits of cutting and running.

Click here to read editor Brian Lovett’s “Tree Call” column.

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