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April 2011 Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Inside This Issue

• The author doesn’t often get invites to kill unsuspecting gobblers, and this one was even more curious. It came from a PETA member.

• Turkey hunters make mistakes – plenty of them – but we also live in hope of learning something from and lessening those errors.

• When gobblers are tight with hens, you might have to focus on the ladies to get your longbeard.

• Is it possible for hunters to educate turkeys and make them stop gobbling by calling excitedly? If you believe that, think about what you’re saying.

• The author has chased gobblers in some decidedly un-turkey-like areas. Here’s how to get on birds when you’re in unfamiliar habitat.

• When a gobbler gets inside your perimeter before you know he’s coming, disaster often follows. Here’s how to prevent those catastrophes.

• Sometimes, using a life-sized gobbler decoy isn’t practical. Why not just shake his tail feathers instead?

• Don’t like the spring weather? Wait a day, and it will probably change – unless you were in Missouri the last week of April 2010. Then it pretty much stayed cold and rainy, daring turkey hunters to find success.

• Ever wonder about the factors that shape a gobbler’s main trophy features? Here are some answers.

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