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2008 Turkey Hunters Equipment Guide

2008 Turkey Hunters Equipment GuideA trip to the turkey woods would not be possible without top notch gear. Subscribers got an extra head start, saving their gas for a trip to the store and not the newsstand.

Check out the 2008 Turkey Hunters Equipment Guide:

• Box calls stand the test of time for a number of great reasons. Jim Spencer shows why.

• The pot-and-peg call might well be the most versatile
hunting tool you can use, as Jim Spencer demonstrates.

• Mouth calls are musical instruments. To competently operate such an instrument, you must learn to control and care for it. Brian Lovett lays down the basics.

• Shopping for a new turkey-getter? You’ll be pleased to
know there’s no shortage of choices. Phil Bourjaily sorts the winners from the losers.

• The quality of turkey loads has come a long way in a very short time. Jay Langston takes a look.

• If your pockets fray from all the gear you carry, you’re not alone. Scott Bestul offers solutions.

• With so many options in turkey decoys, it’s important to understand which types are likely to work best in a variety of situations. Scott Bestul offers the best advice.

• Scott Bestul shows taking birds from micro-covers requires a different approach than run-and-gunning the big woods.

• Part of hunting success is knowing fine dining lies ahead. Jim Casada tells how to get the best use from your bird.

• You could hunt without your favorite “stuff,” but why would you? Jim Schlender shares some of his favorites.

• Greg Lobas offers proof that at least some of the fun in turkey hunting
comes from taking along enough gear.

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