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Online Courses

What is an Online Course?

Turkey & Turkey Hunting‘s Online Courses are downloadable seminars from hunting’s top minds. The Online Courses are recorded live and made available for you to download.

Once on your computer, the Online Course plays as a Powerpoint-style presentation, complete with audio and video. The expert will discuss a specific topic. Each Online Course is roughly one hour long.

"The strategies contained in these Online Courses offer invaluable turkey hunting tactics. All levels of hunters will learn something new."

Brian Lovett
Editor, Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Date Changes

All 2010 Online Courses will be available for download early March. This is different from the dates listed in the March 2010 issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting.

2010 Online Courses

Note: All 2010 Online Courses will be available for download early March.

6 Downloadable Online Video Courses
6 Hours of Seminar-Like Instruction

Bring the seminar home to you!

All for just $19.99. Available online starting early March.

Or join the T&TH Insider’s Club and get a subscription to the magazine for year (or extend your subscription for a year) AND download all of the Online Courses for a total of just $34.99.


Box Calls with Brian Lovett

Often regarded as a beginner’s tools, box calls hold unlimited calling potential. Brian Lovett will explain the proper grip and technique for maximizing the sound of your one-sided, two-sided or boat-paddle box call. Instruction includes basic yelps, clucks and purring, plus several methods for cutting and even kee-kees.

Friction Calls with Brian Lovett

Lovett will detail the proper hand position, striker grip and striker motion for all types of friction calls, including slate, glass and aluminum. He’ll explain tried-and-true methods for subtle soft calling up to loud, aggressive yelping and cutting.

Mouth Calls with Brian Lovett

Lovett will provide a simple, common-sense method for mastering the often-frustrating diaphragm call, including specific techniques for yelping, clucks, cutting, kee-kees and even purring.

Talking Turkey with Tad Brown

Renowned hunter and call designer Tad Brown of Flambeau Outdoors tells you how to be more successful in the woods this spring. Tad will reveal great calling and decoy techniques that have made him a legend in the turkey world.

Trouble-Shooting Tough Turkeys

Lovett tells you how to score on the most difficult spring gobblers, including pressured birds, toms on unapproachable roosts, and longbeards in wet or windy conditions.

Youth Turkey Hunting 101

Rocky Landsverk and Brian Lovett discuss how to bring the next generation of turkey hunters into the fold with enjoyable, successful spring experiences. We’ll discuss pre-season education and preparation, and how to manage the moment when that big gobbler steps in front of your young hunter.

2009 Online Course

Talking Turkey Download

Price: $9.99/download

The Talking Turkey download includes 66 minutes of expert turkey-calling advice. Turkey & Turkey Hunting editor Brian Lovett hosts. He goes through all of the most-common turkey calls, including box and pot-and-peg. Using video, Lovett shows how to use each call to its utmost effectiveness.

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