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Quick Tips for Fall Success

Fall seasons are just weeks away. Are you ready? These tips from the country’s top turkey hunters can make your autumn hunts more successful.

To score on a fall longbeard, try to pattern the bird and his running mates. Find where they roost and fly down, and identify their preferred food source. Set up between roost trees and the fields or woodlots the birds visit. — Steve Hickoff

Turkeys are buffet diners. They seem to require variety, so they hunt and peck their way from one food source to another. Your job is to find the buffet line. Set up at a food source, and wait for turkeys to get there, and then scatter them and call them back. — Gary Sefton

After scattering turkeys, wait about a half-hour, and then begin calling, trying to mimic a turkey attempting to relocate its flockmates. Often, turkeys seem to come from all directions to find their brethren. The best calls include a lost yelp, kee-kee and kee-kee run. — Mike Lambeth

Turkeys are always tough, which is why turkey hunting is so challenging yet rewarding. However, they’re still programmed to eat and interact with others of their kind. Further, they have relatively small home ranges, so you can consistently make contact with them in the same general areas. – Brian Lovett

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