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Going Two for Two With One

by Brian Lovett, editor

Even after our memorable two-bird morning hunt, Kansas didn’t let us slow down.

The first afternoon, Tad Brown slipped into a beautiful green field below a sheltered ridge, and then called in and shot a gobbler. The next morning, we returned to the field, hoping Brown and Todd Wilson could pull off a double. One caveat: Brown shoots a single-shot Thompson/Contender. Therefore, it was no sure thing.

Turkeys gobbled like nuts on the ridge above us, and soon after flydown, a parade of hens and strutters passed along the far edge of the field and into a creek bottom. Soon, however, two black forms slithered down the ridge, and raucous gobbling followed.

After the birds saw the Flambeau decoys, they raced together toward the setup. Brown let the lead gobbler flog his King Strut decoy, and then shot the bird. Then, he purred aggressively on a mouth call while handing his gun to Wilson.

Trouble was, Wilson was trying to jam a shell into the gun before the spent hull had been pulled out. He finally made the switch, though, and shot the second bird as it started to turn away.

How good is Kansas? My friends took a double with a single-shot. Enough said.

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